NASA & The Future of Human Technology Interfaces from TRUE MVMNT on Vimeo.

A glimpse into the future of human technology interfaces at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Engineers at NASA JPL’s Mission Operations Lab show how they are using 3d gesture technology to control robots for space exploration and to share the knowledge & experience of NASA’s explorations with the world.

In MY Fridge from fabian kreuzer on Vimeo.

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The project was developed during the summer term
at the University of Applied Sciences in Schwäbisch
It deals with the process of food management in a
futuristic scenario where RFID tags are printable.
In this scenario, the data stored on the RFID tags is
put at the users’ disposal by an interactive terminal.
Naturally, the most useful area of application for this
technology is the place where perishable goods are
kept in  -  the refrigerator. The terminal has a large
front which serves as a touch display to gain access
to the desired information. Important information, such
as soon decaying foods, are apparent at first sight.
Thus the user doesn’t have to interact with the system
to receive essential information - unless he chooses
to do so. Additional information like a digital
cook-book, shopping facilities or an indication for
missing groceries is just a finger tip away. Hence, the
refrigerator becomes an information terminal for food
management. All information is available in one place
and can be retrieved briefly. Through the connection
with other kitchen equipment and nearby markets
further services are opened.
In order to proof the concept, we built a prototype
which is able to display and to process an operation
process. Thus we were able to test a part of our
concept on a functional refrigerator which made it
possible to detect problems within the concept and
to improve it afterwards.
Realized with vvvv and Arduino.

Concept, Design, Prototype, Video
Fabian Kreuzer
Markus Lorenz Schilling

Thanks for your support:
Prof. Hans Krämer
Prof. Steffen Süpple
Deutsches Forschungszentrum für Künstliche Intelligenz

Ingrid Michaelson
Sort Of (Instrumental)

Used films:
BSS | Breakfast Interrupted
slow food

Conheça o | Faça o que você ama from 99jobs on Vimeo.

Faça o que você ama e dê adeus ao trabalho chato. Seja bem vindo ao canal no Vimeo da primeira comunidade de carreira para quem está cansado da mesmice no trabalho. Acesse e veja como fazer o que você ama é mais fácil do que você imagina.

How to share a note Evernote in a message from Azendoo on Vimeo.

Introducing Evernote for Azendoo. Discover how to link your Evernote account to Azendoo and how to share a note in a message on Azendoo.
Thanks to this integration your Evernote content is now sharable with your team, and you add context to your notes.

laser, leap, vvvv from in[visible] studio on Vimeo.

3D stuff rendered on laser (RGB + 40kbps chinese scaner). Geometry with transformations and other parameters are thrown to laser controller as JSON objects and computed/drawn at driver level.

Controller design and programming by Vladimir Ponimash (Lviv).
vvvv programming by mr.Vux.

What I have to Offer from Eliot Rausch on Vimeo.

On the 30th of September 2011, in front of a sell-out theatre at the BFI in London, Charlie Kaufman delivered the final lecture in BAFTA’s 2011 Screenwriters’ Lecture Series.

Charlie Kaufman
Full 70 minute Lecture:

Images Captured (Mark III) & Edited: Eliot Rausch

THE MOST QUOTED MAN IN NEWS from Andrew David Watson on Vimeo.

"The Most Quoted Man in News" tells the story of Greg Packer, an average joe with an uncanny skill at making media appearances. Originally published on

Director/Cinematographer: Andrew David Watson
Editor: Josh Camerote
Post-Producer: Owen Katz
Music: Huma-Huma
Sound Design: Julienne Guffain

Camden International Film Festival / Sep 2013
ADC’s (Art Directors Club) BUTTER screening series / October 2013

River Sounds from Rolf Nylinder on Vimeo.

Some old footage from northen sweden, Vindelälven. I tried to make a song to the footage but I don’t really know how to record sound good or play guitar so it’s not very good…
the place and the light is fantastic though

Starring: Stefan Ågren and Johan Jonsson
shot with a Canon 600D and some cheap 18-135 lens

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